Short Term Health Insurance: Bridging the Gap for Many Consumers

Short term health insurance plans offer exceptional flexibility for individuals between jobs or waiting to become eligible for more comprehensive health insurance. Typically, short term health insurance does not cover preexisting conditions and is mainly used to protect against catastrophic medical expenses due to accidents or unexpected illness. Short term health insurance coverage is not intended to provide comprehensive medical benefits, but rather bridges the gap between full coverage through one provider or employer and the next full coverage provider.

Who is short term health insurance right for?

Typically younger individuals who are in good health and single or married without children are good candidates for short term health insurance plans. Because preventive services and regular checkups are usually not covered, these plans are not designed for families with children and may not provide the level of coverage needed. One major advantage of short term health insurance policies is the lower premiums required in order to maintain coverage. The lower monthly cost of short term plans can help stretch limited financial resources further.

What does short term health insurance cover?

Unlike most other comprehensive health insurance policies, short term health insurance is specifically designed to protect against catastrophic medical bills. Therefore, most routine office visits, prescription medications and expenses related to pregnancy or childbirth are not covered under these plans. Hospital bills due to an unforeseen illness or major accident are usually covered, as are surgical costs and prescriptions directly related to the illness or injury. Office visits are usually covered after the deductible has been met.

Short term health insurance is not right for everyone, but in specific circumstances it can provide affordable peace of mind for some consumers. A number of websites offer short term health insurance quotes to help in comparing various policies and premiums more effectively.

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