Supplemental Health Insurance: Gap Coverage for Major Medical Expenses

Supplemental health insurance is designed to cover expenses not included in major medical policies. These may include additional coverage for Medicare patients, financial assistance for prolonged hospital stays and critical illness policies that cover living expenses that are not included in the standard major medical policy. Supplemental health insurance is intended to fill gaps in coverage and should not be used as a primary health insurance plan.

Medicare Supplements

Supplemental health insurance for seniors typically offers additional coverage that can pay off deductibles, prescription drug costs, and other items not covered by Medicare policies. Medicare supplemental health insurance plans are specifically designed to complement the Medicare insurance plan already in place and to fill any gaps in coverage to provide additional financial security for older individuals. The most common type of Medicare supplemental health insurance is known as Medigap, and it pays a large percentage of deductibles, copayments and other medical expenses for which Medicare does not offer coverage.

Hospital Coverage

Some primary health insurance policies limit the number of days or the amount paid for hospital stays. Patients may feel pressured to leave the hospital before treatment is completed or may face major expenses after they are discharged, leaving them in serious financial trouble due to the extended stay in the hospital. Supplemental health insurance plans for hospital stays can provide additional funds for these expenses and may offer peace of mind even during extended illnesses or recuperation periods.

Living Expenses

Some health insurance supplemental policies provide additional coverage for living expenses like mortgage payments, travel expenses, and other financial obligations that may be affected by a critical illness. By purchasing this type of supplemental health insurance, consumers can protect themselves against catastrophic medical expenses and ensure that their financial responsibilities are taken care of in the event of unexpected illness or accident.


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