It’s Spring, time to go for a run. You will feel healthier.

Exercise has been studied and the jury is not out on its importance to our health. Running is a great way to improve our overall body’s health, emotional and physical.  Are you a runner?   What pushes you to Run?  If you aren’t a runner, what stops you from running?

How to run?

This is a basic question that is lost in the shuffle.  The key to this is to start slow.  Start by walking for a few weeks and work your way into a more consistent running process.

Don’t try to hit a home run with a toothpick.

This simply means that you don’t try to do too much too quickly.  If you have run for a few months or a few years, don’t try to go run a marathon.  Two thing will happen.  One – you won’t finish.  And Two – you may never run again, not because you got injured. But because you will hate it.

Mix running with walking until you can run what your goal is.  If you choose to go 3 miles during your exercise.  You could start running, then walk, then return to running. This could go on and on until you finish.

Or, you could run a mile and then walk the next two.  The next time, try running a little further.

Some days are Better than Others

You will be amazed at how different your body feels some days rather than others. There will be times that you could run all day.  Then others, where you’ll struggle during the entire run.  Don’t give up, but don’t hurt yourself.  There is always tomorrow.

Cardiac and Health Benefits from running

As you run, your blood is being pumped. This will improve your cholesterol level and your hearts ability. As the heart beats, it gets stronger and more oxygen is given to your body.  You will loose weight and feel better by running.  Add in a good diet and good sleep, you may be feeling better than you have in a long time.

It has been shown that depression and anxiety decrease greatly when you are running constantly.  This is a lost treatment for depression and anxiety.

Running is About Time

Fortunately or Unfortunately, running is about time. You can’t skip it, change it or even dream it differently. If you want  to become more healthy and feel better, you have to put in the time. And time, is usually the thing that we don’t have.

This is where you need to become creative. Run during lunch or on the way home after work, before the kids get up for school or late at night. I’m sure there are better times to run than others, at least you will probably read about it being better to run in the morning than late at night. But really, who cares. Unless you are a professional runner, just go get it done.

Get the Good Stuff

Nothing worse than getting into shape and something gets injured. This may happen, be aware of it. But if it is happening because you don’t have good socks, a good treadmill, and especially good shoes. Than shame on you. Get good stuff.  This is important and will really shine and improve your workouts. In this case, you really get what you pay for.

Running is Boring

Sometimes this is true.  It is bad but good too. If there aren’t other times in your life that are equally as boring, you must be a rockstar. For me, driving home is extremely boring. So, I got a better radio station and went to the library and got some books to read.

Running is no different. Go to the gym and watch a TV show. Find some music to run to and especially create a play list of your favorite running music. You will be surprised that your normal car music, just doesn’t hold a candle to your running music.

In running, you may need to switch between outside running and gym running. You may need to change from sprints to long distances. You may even need to throw in a bike race or swimming.

The End

Running is exactly what you make of it. And that goes for your health too.

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