Do I Need a Medical Exam for Health Insurance?

Buying health insurance poses many questions for the majority of consumers. One of the concerns that many people are curious about is whether they will be required to pass a medical examination when applying for a health insurance policy. Most of the health questions that health insurance companies need answered are input right into the application questionnaire. Additionally, much of the information can be found on a Medical Information Bureau (MIB) report. That being said, it is always a great idea to prepare for any health insurance physical exam that is required.

Medical Exams are Rare

Requiring applicants to undergo health insurance physical exams in order to qualify for health insurance is rare and does not have happen very often. In most cases, there is no required health insurance physical exam. However, it is possible for an insurance company to request an examination in order to obtain accurate test results or substantiate an overall physical health check. If the applicant must undergo an exam, there are steps to prepare to achieve optimal results.

Application Questions

The application questionnaire is where the consumer supplies the necessary health and background information for the insurance company. A typical health insurance application requires that applicants provide health insurance information for the duration of the last ten years, although some companies require five years of background information. When filling out the application, it is important to be thorough and honest, but stick to the facts and do not embellish conditions or make them out to be worse than they are.

MIB Reports

Another reason why most applications can be approved without requiring a health insurance physical exam is the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) reports. The MIB report allows the insurance company to confirm that the information provided by the applicant is accurate. In many cases, if there are no declinable conditions in an applicant’s past and the MIB report matches with what the applicant provided, the insurance company can issue the policy easily.

Preparing for a Medical Exam

In the event an applicant is required to take a medical exam before obtaining a health insurance policy, it is helpful to be prepared. Applicants should ready themselves for an appointment for an insurance company requested physical by doing one or all of the following: quit smoking, treat elevated blood pressure, lay down during any EKG tests, and do not take pain medication. Each of these steps helps an applicant get the most advantageous results from the office visit.

For many applicants trying to obtain health insurance, a health insurance physical exam is not required. The insurance company is provided with health history by the answers supplied on the application. In addition, answers are confirmed by an MIB report. Although required medical exams are rare, they can happen and applicants should prepare for the exam as much as possible.

What you should do is examine your health insurance policy rates. Paying too much for your health insurance is a big inconvenience. Make sure to find the best individual health insurance to help protect you.

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