Are You Healthy? Part I

This is a very interesting question, one where the answers might surprise you. This discussion will be divided into two posts. Please look at both to see the Ten Factors of Being Healthy.

Imagine the five healthiest males and females you can think of. Would they be healthy for the same reasons?  What does “being healthy” actually mean?

A healthy person is expected to live a long life full of happiness. But how exactly is that accomplished? Food and exercise alone!?! There are several aspects of your health – including health, emotionally and spiritually.

Can a fit person be unhealthy because they are not emotionally healthy?

Can someone be called healthy who is completely happy but who has a severe medical condition.  For me, this changes a lot about what is healthy?

Every year, new diets come out that promise a new you.  A change in your weight and a better outlook on life are preached by almost anyone you can think of.

Therefore, I believe that healthiness is a level of understanding. There are tons of aspects that come into it.  I’ve broken these down into ten important factors.  When looked at, as a whole, our chances of being healthy and happy are greatly improved.

Let’s look at Ten Things that can factor into your health:

1.) Control over your diet

The question here is who controls who.  As we look at our foods and beverages we often overlook our cravings and secret stashes. Is it unhealthy to sneak a bowl of ice cream every once in awhile. It certainly isn’t. But if this becomes a daily battle, then a measure of unhealthiness comes into play.  What are your fatal food sins?

2.) Ability to perform daily activities

Daily activities include washing yourself, preparing your own foods, walking down stairs, getting your clothes on, and much more. Think about it…you’re not even close to healthy if these things are difficult. Medical issues, accidents, injuries, and a list of other things may prevent you from doing this.  Some of these reasons are surmountable and some are not. But if you work hard, maybe you can see some improvement in this area.

3.) Emotional well being

One of the areas that is often overlooked is the emotional well being of an individual. The problem here is where do we draw the line of normal?  Because you are female or male and cry occasionally, this doesn’t say that you aren’t healthy. It doesn’t even say that you are emotional stable. But, often we protect emotional by saying that it is our personality to be emotional.  Whatever is normal for you, this is what is most important. Then try to do things that improve your emotional well being. As anyone can improve their running time in the one mile run, so can we all improve or emotional stability.

4.) Mind Activities

You’ve heard that the mind is a muscle so use it!  This is especially true when considering your level of healthiness. If you are stagnate in improving your mental capability, you are risking that all will turn to mush.   This also pushes us to find a hobby that can allow us to improve. It doesn’t always need to be something that affects our mind like chess or word puzzles. Guitar, singing, dancing, and many other hobbies, allow our minds to shine.


My next blog post will look at the next 6 factors.  They aren’t things that should be overlooked when considering if we are indeed healthy.

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