One of the first things penny-pinching or underfunded students cut from their budgets is their health insurance. That is expensive health insurance for college students. Health problems seem avoidable and unlikely to affect the seemingly healthy students who would rather spend their money on more immediate concerns. However, when disaster strikes, the student is left unprotected. The best thing a student can do to protect him or herself from costly health care is to look for reliable and cheap resources for health insurance.

Sign Up with Parents

The first place to look for health insurance for college students is to their current health plans. Many health insurance plans held by parents, either through their employers or by themselves, can offer cheap and convenient sources for student health insurance. Oftentimes, because the students have been under the same plan for years, extending the plan through college age adds little to monthly costs. Also, recent legislation makes it a requirement for insurance companies to offer this extended coverage through a student’s young adulthood.

Student Union or Health Center

Some colleges may require that students carry health insurance as a condition of enrollment. Because of this, several public and private campuses offer health insurance through the school’s medical or health center or even through the student union. Many colleges have contracted with private health insurers to offer low cost health insurance plans for full time students. Others may provide their own brand of health insurance through an on campus medical center, affiliated medical schools, or simply a campus health center. These health insurance plans are often very affordable as they are designed with students in mind.

Online Plans

There are several health insurance companies that offer specialized health insurance for college students online. One place to find much lower cost plans than larger insurance carriers is right here – this is because we do not have the costs associated with a large staff and buildings to house them. The trick with online plans is to comparison shop the many different companies, investigating reviews and ratings, and comparing the prices of one company against another – luckily our quote comparison tool can also do this for you. Student unions and student health centers can also help suggest companies that will provide adequate coverage without charging outrageous fees.

Community Health Centers

State, local, and community health centers exist to help people who otherwise struggle to fund health care. These organizations will be more than willing to work with students who otherwise cannot find adequate health insurance or are unable to pay monthly premiums or co-pays. Many times these organizations can help find doctors’ offices and hospitals that offer payment plans, provide easy access care, or even offer discounts for students seeking health care. Many of these have sliding scale payment plans based on income and will gladly provide checkups, emergency visits, and other services for much less than other premium health care centers.


Medicaid was created to help low income individuals secure health care and health insurance coverage. If a student is not covered by his or her parents’ plan and is unable to acquire health insurance on his or her own or through his or her school, Medicaid can provide a reliable state-sponsored alternative. Students must meet certain requirements such as an already low income, high medical bills, or a serious disability to qualify, but Medicaid can offer a reliable alternative when other options have failed.

Being a student does not have to mean going without health insurance. With the above five resources, it is possible for even the least well-off student to acquire and hold on to reliable health care.

Also you can compare health insurance for college students by filling out the form at the top of this page. It only takes a few seconds and can save you the money you need!

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