Anyone who is currently having trouble affording their health care plan is definitely not alone in their troubles. High priced, name brand drugs, procedures, and co-pays can leave people stuck with escalated health care costs, but it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  Consumers do not have to struggle with high end health insurance rates any longer.  Rather, they can invest in some time and creativity to get the cheapest health insurance costs for the long run.

Make Friends with the Billing Department

While it’s not always possible to reduce health care costs, it is possible to be resourceful no matter what medication, surgical treatment, or how many doctors’ visits are needed per year. Take the time to research the price of medications for example, by talking to someone in the billing department.  That way, consumers will know what they can and cannot afford, and will prevent surprises down the line.

Consider a Spouse’s Plan

Some people stay on their own health insurance plan while struggling to meet their monthly fees. This can be avoided by comparing their spouse’s plan to their own and discovering which is higher. They should pay attention to the time of the year they can join their spouse’s plan and save up to hundreds of dollars annually.

Pay Attention to Medical Expenses

Consumers should spend a month or two paying attention to their medical expenses, such as prescription costs, co-pays to the doctor, and outpatient procedures. By examining their statements, they may catch prices that seem high or overpriced.  They can get creative in lowering health care costs by switching to generic medication or asking for a second opinion before agreeing to surgery.

Determine what Medications are Necessary

By talking to their doctor and others who have already been through similar diagnosis and procedures, consumers can come to an informed decision as to what medications, procedures, tests they really need to have done. By becoming an informed and knowledgeable patient, this can save them a tremendous amount of money in the long run.

Consider Generic Medication

By thinking outside of the box when it comes to medications, consumers can save themselves a significant amount of money each month on their prescription purchases. Many brand name medications can cost an arm and a leg, but there is often a generic brand that costs a fraction of the price. Generic medications are the same as their brand name counterparts, but cost much less.

Comparison Shop for the Best Rates

Consumers who are self-employed or shopping for affordable health insurance rates for their families, taking the time to find the best deal is time well spent. There are many insurance companies that are willing to meet with clients in person or over the phone to discuss their budgets and the various treatments, diagnoses, and medications they require.

Eliminate Risky Lifestyle Choices

This is a smart and immediate choice anyone can make when needing affordable health insurance rates. Consider exercising on a regular basis, drinking plenty of water and cutting out smoking, high alcohol consumption, and high fat foods. By maintaining a healthy weight and diet, anyone can get more affordable health insurance rates.

By following these steps, every consumer can save money on individual health insurance rates in no time at all.  They need to pay attention to their monthly costs and become an informed customer.  Being informed rather than a passive consumer let them significantly save on high end health insurance rates for many years to come. However, they will not have to sacrifice any of the care they receive.

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