Health insurance is something that everybody needs to think about at some point in their life. The federal government doesn’t require that a person gets life insurance, although they do have a large influence over what kinds of insurance are available for both individuals and families. There are very few health insurance federal regulations and a person usually has a lot of freedom to choose a plan that is tailored to their needs. However, here are some of the few facets of health insurance that are affected by government regulations.

A Health Savings Account

Health savings accounts are one of the more common methods of funding a health care policy. It’s basically an account that will allow you to store money specifically for health care purposes. This is a government controlled system to allow people to set aside money for their health care that isn’t taxable. The system is set up so that the funds are automatically transferred to the health savings account before taxes are imposed on the paycheck. Although the health insurance federal regulations surrounding this type of account are generally relaxed, you still have an annual limit for the account.

Universal Healthcare

According to federal mandate, no health care provider can refuse emergency service to a patient, whether they are insured or not. There are a lot of Americans currently without health insurance, not to mention the numbers of immigrants and unemployed, and when there is a serious accident receiving prompt medical care can make the difference between life and death. Before these health insurance federal regulations, a hospital could refuse treatment for an uninsured individual.


Health insurance federal regulations state that the elderly are automatically eligible for health care. This is seen in the form of Medicare. Once you reach a certain age you’ll start getting medical benefits the same way you would if you had insurance. Elderly persons sometimes require a lot of care, and the expenses can range from medications, surgeries, assisted living costs, and hospital stays. Medicare assures that all of these services are paid for.

Take Control

Government provided health care is certainly a benefit to individuals and families with little or no income, but it doesn’t have to be the only option. Anybody who is uninsured is taking a lot of risk with their life, and affecting not only themselves but the people around them. Most people seem to think that health insurance needs to be expensive, and as such is unattainable, but that’s not the case. It may take a little searching, but cheap health insurance is available for anyone who knows where to look. Luckily you’ve come to right place, simply enter your zip code above and see how cheap health insurance can really be.

Most of the people affected by health insurance federal regulations are the elderly and the unemployed. For these people the standards set in place by the government can really help out but, unfortunately, this doesn’t cover a large cross-section of the American population.

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