This is part II of our look at the health risks of eating raw meats. In the first blog post, we looked at the specific meats and the possible bacterial and parasite infections. It is surprising the risk that is taken with raw chicken, pork and beef. In this second part, we talk about a smaller risk of infection with Salt water fish and sushi. We will look at steps to prevent health issues and several diets that incorporate raw foods.

Seafood and Fish

Oysters can be contaminated with Vibro gastroenteritits

Shrimp can have Salmonella, Plesiomonsas, and Staphylococcus.

Crab can have Ribrio

Fish, especially from Salt water and much less likely to have bacteria. Freezing the fish can help kill the bacteria. Sushi, if prepared correctly, has very little risk of infection. Poorly smelling, poorly stored, and cross contamination with fish is where the large risk is seen.

Fresh water fish like trout, bass, walleye, and catfish, have a much larger risk of foodborne illnesses.

Steps to prevent Health Issues with Raw Meat

Cooking is the number one source to prevent health issues.

Avoid cross contamination.  Place raw chicken on the same counter or cutting board as raw vegetables used to make a salad create cross contamination. Wash both vegetables and raw meats well.

Studies have shown that utensils used to cut raw meat have been used again to cut vegetables. 

Often people place raw meats on the upper shelves of the refrigerator and this could contaminate the vegetables or other items with dripping juices

Hand washing is always a must. But this common sense idea, doesn’t always relate to a practical event while in the kitchen.

Where do people eat raw Chicken, Pork, or Beef

In countries like Japan and Asia, chicken and pork are occasionally eaten raw.  They are cleaned and prepared with the utmost care and concern for infection.  But, it is usually frowned upon to eat raw chicken. The risk of Salmonella is too high.

Those who do eat chicken have decided that if they grow their own chickens, and try to be very careful in their own preparation. Remember, food for the chicken can be where the bacteria are introduced.  I would highly avoid raw chicken from grocery stores.

Minced pork has been eaten in Thailand. Pork and Beef both have risks for parasites.

Raw Foods Diets

Excluding things that eat only vegetables and other fruits, there are some new data coming out of diets that focus on undercooked or raw meats.

The Primal diet specifically doesn’t cook meats over 104 degrees. The goal is to find fatty meats, organ meats, dairy, honey, and minimal fruit juices.

Another diet is the Raw Meat Diet.  It adds raw seafood, eggs, plants, and some meats.  It is only slightly different than the primal diet.

The Instincto Diet is a diet that forbids all processed and or cooked foods. This includes milk, fermented items.   This particular diet doe have a top heavy amount of plants and vegetables. It has a low amount of animals. The big thing is that foods are rejected with smell and taste.

The Wai Diet centralizes their food choices on fruits, fish, and eggs.

Some Celebrities are trying aspects of several raw foods diets. They mostly look at eggs, fruits, and vegetables. But meats and seafood are also tried.

There is a large risk, especially in our day and time. We often go to the grocery store and pick up a packaged meat.  The risk is so much higher, because we don’t know exactly how this meat was treated or where it was stored. The risk, in my opinion is too great. But, it may be interesting to consider if you could be there for inception to completion. You still are taking a risk, but it is more of a calculated risk. Infection and sickness is always a possibility, even with some cooked foods. In these cases, undercooked or viruses could be a concern.

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