Over 45 million Americans are uninsured. Each year, there are 18,000 unnecessary deaths due to lack of health insurance. Health insurance can decrease morbidity rates and prevent illnesses from developing or progressing. Luckily, health insurance is becoming more affordable. This is mostly due to health care reform through the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Now, people can find affordable health care simply by searching online and locating the insurance companies with the best coverage and lowest cost. Some tips are provided to help people take advantage of the new reform and find the best individual health insurance rates.

1. Obtain Online Quotes and Comparison Shop
People are urged to search online to find the best individual health insurance rates. Most people search the major insurance companies and request individual quotes. This can be a cumbersome process, but people will find the best quotes available. Comparison websites are the most efficient in finding quotes.

Users are only required to enter the information once, and a representative will find the best company to meet the applicant’s health concerns. Since the new reform, clients may obtain low cost insurance even with pre-existing conditions. Once all the quotes have been gathered, people can select the lowest cost insurance with the coverage they are seeking.

2. Use an Insurance Broker
An insurance broker is experienced in finding reputable companies for people who need health insurance. The insurance broker will speak with the person directly or through inquiry to determine the applicant’s budget. Pre-existing conditions may also be discussed. The brokers can recommend the companies most likely to approve the applicant and offer the lowest price.

Brokers may also know which network has the best doctors and facilities in the network. Explanations of different health insurance plans will also be explained. When searching on the Internet for the best rates, people have to find out much of the information through reading. A representative may be able to answer basic questions, but they are, typically, only reading from a list. Most clients can read this independently.

Insurance brokers may offer advice. The advice provided may not be found through an online representative. Though people can find a reputable insurance broker online, the level of service will be different from a simple comparison website.

3. Call Insurance Companies Directly
Calling insurance companies directly to negotiate better individual health insurance rates is time consuming. Some people prefer the personal attention and prefer to talk to someone live on the phone. This will help people negotiate better health insurance rates.

Health insurance representatives may recommend accepting a higher deductible to lower monthly health insurance rates. Alternatively, they may inquire about professional groups to provide discounts or find other ways to lower health insurance rates.

4. Look Into Pre-Existing Conditions Insurance Plans
Clients with pre-existing conditions typically must pay more for health insurance. In some cases, they are denied health insurance. All people are entitled to adequate care.

People with pre-existing conditions can obtain low health insurance rates. No longer do people with budget constraints and pre-existing conditions have to suffer. The new initiatives require patients to search the high risk health insurance pools to obtain the best rates available.

Find the Best Individual Health Insurance Rates
Use all the resources available to find the best health insurance rates available. People who save on the necessities are less stressed about other occurrences in their life. A healthy person, mentally and physically, can remain productive and sustain a certain quality of life. Everyone is eligible to find the best insurance rates available online and through traditional means. Do not delay obtaining the best healthcare insurance available.

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