Many healthy people never recognize the value of individual health insurance until catastrophe strikes. Paying a health insurance premium monthly seems pointless until a person becomes ill. As the expenses add up, uninsured patients wonder how they will pay. Experts recommend individual health insurance for three primary reasons.

1. Preventative Care and Faster Service

Preventative care helps patients remain healthy. Early detection of health conditions can help save a person’s life. Uninsured people do not get as much preventative care. When cervical cancer screenings, high blood pressure and breast cancer screenings are not received, diseases progress into chronic stages. Treatments are less successful with late stage illnesses. Patients obtain health care to increase recovery times.

Without prenatal care, babies are more likely to be born with birth defects. Children with birth defects typically cost more over their lifetime than healthy children. Many families want children but cannot afford the expense.

Patients spend more money at the time of treatment if they allow condition to progress extended periods of time without treatment. When intensive measures must be taken to restore a patient’s health, the costs increase rapidly. Patients cut corners when they are required to pay cash for health care. Patients may be able to meet the budget for the first visit, but subsequent visits may create a financial burden.

Patients will pick and choose the most important procedures. The condition may not be fully treated. Health outcomes worsen, and the patient becomes a financial burden on family and friends. Health insurance helps people obtain the best health care in a timely manner. Health care does not have to wait. Studies show that uninsured patients are 50 percent less likely to receive care. This number also includes people who are receiving free care.

2. Decreased Morbidity Rates

Most people who are uninsured do not have health insurance for two reasons. The first reason is that the vast majority of individuals simply cannot afford insurance. Not only can they not afford it, but they are stressed out because they cannot afford health insurance and other basic necessities.

Increased stress levels weaken the immune system. People become sicker with weak immune systems. People with advanced illnesses and no health care are more apt to die faster than people who are insured. In fact, people with chronic illnesses are 25 percent more likely to die without health insurance than without health insurance.

According to experts, every year, 18,000 people die unnecessarily because they are uninsured. This most often occurred because patients did not fully recover. These patients typically end treatment prematurely.

The second reason people do not have health insurance is because they are healthy and rarely get sick. Healthy people do not feel they should spend money on health insurance premiums when they rarely go to the physician. When they finally get sick, the expense takes them by surprise.

3. Relieves the Financial Burden of Family Members

Uninsured individuals pose a financial burden for families. Families are disrupted and bankrupted by excessive medical bills. Families love their sick relatives and want to keep them alive. One family member’s medical financial burden may cause another’s illness. The expenses may cause the family to lose their homes and livelihood attempting to care for the needs of the patient and because of stress.

Uninsured patients can expect to pay over three times what an insured patient may pay. Low deductible insurances typically have higher monthly premiums, but the expense will be lower than paying out of pocket for health care. Many requests have been made to lower medical expenses for the uninsured. Though some inroads have been made, there is still some work to do in this capacity.

Healthcare initiatives are even making healthcare available for people pre-existing conditions. The state of American healthcare is improving and making healthcare affordable for all. Many people are pleased with this initiative.

Consider Low Cost Health Insurance

Consider low cost individual health insurance to lower health expenses and plan for unexpected illnesses. Many low cost health insurers may be found online. Compare the insurance companies and find the lowest rates available with the best doctors and coverage. Predict the care required in the near future to determine the coverage necessary. Healthcare coverage can be affordable if the proper research is conducted. Perform a thorough search, and find a suitable health insurance plan.

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