Student health insurance is typically available in two varieties. The first type is offered by colleges and universities to cover the health care needs of students attending the institution, while the second is purchased by parents in order to provide insurance for their children attending school outside the coverage area of the family health insurance policy. International student health insurance is designed specifically to meet the needs of college and university students attending schools in a foreign country and typically is designed to provide evacuation and repatriation services as well as medical care.

College Student Health Insurance Plans

For undergraduates and graduate students at domestic universities and colleges, the student health insurance plan provided by the institution can often provide adequate coverage for most common medical issues. Most plans include provisions for prescription drug benefits, preventive services and check-ups, substance abuse and psychiatric care; some plans even include pregnancy and delivery as covered conditions. These affordable student health insurance plans are available at group rates and typically offer extras like identity protection and partial tuition reimbursement for students who are forced to leave school due to medical issues.

International Student Health Insurance Plans

Like college student health insurance coverage, international student health insurance plans typically cover most major medical expenses. However, because the health care available in foreign countries may vary significantly from that available at home, international insurance options may also be quite different and may or may not include prescription medication coverage or preventive care services. International plans are available for American students studying outside the U.S. and for international students studying inside the U.S., making this one of the most diverse types of health insurance available. Coverage typically includes catastrophic medical expenses and travel costs for an emergency return to the home country if this is deemed medically necessary.

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