For decades American women have wondered how to have the figure of a French women. With all of the wonderful French food (croissants, baguettes, cheeses, macaroons, etc.), how do French women stay so thin?

So how do Parisians keep their figure? A new fad diet hit France and is now spreading to the UK and into the U.S. The “Fork Diet” or Le Forking is the center of the fad. Dieters can only eat what a fork can pick up. Can’t eat with a fork? It does not go in your mouth.

There are two ways to adhere to the diet. The hardcore dieter will only eat things with a fork- nothing else. A more lenient version of the diet would allow a knife to cut meats,etc so the food can be put on a fork.

Only using a fork does not mean that you can use your hands to pick up the rest of the food. This would eliminate breads, fruits (like an apple or an orange), nuts and cheese. Say goodbye to soups, yogurt and ice cream. And most meats would be out of the picture as well. And don’t think you can squeeze foods in your diet that someone else has cut for you.

So does it work?The Fork Diet works because it constantly reminds you of what you are eating. Long gone are the days of mindlessly eating a bag of chips without realizing how many you have really eaten. Studies show that when you are more aware of what you eat, you will tend to make wiser choices and eat less. This simple fact is why many dieters choose to keep a food diary. It is the little things like a handful of M & Ms or an extra doughnut at work that add up. Conscious choices tend to lead to better choices.

Like most fad diets the restrictive nature makes your food intake very repetitive. And repetitive eating can lead to a bored palate, which leads to binge eating in the middle of the night when you just. can’t. hand. it. anymore. Simply, the lack of variety leads to a binge rebellion that could ruin any good your diet may have had on you.

Sure, the Fork Diet cuts out bad foods like sweets and other fatty snacks, but it also cuts out foods that are good for you. Fresh fruit is much better for you than canned fruit, and you are stuck with the canned version on the Fork Diet. Yogurt (especially the Greek kind) can actually add protein into your diet. Mix with a handful of nuts and some fruit and you have a well-balanced meal. Unfortunately, the Fork Diet eliminates that as a possibility.

The restrictive nature of this diet and many other diets are what make it hard to sustain. And the binge after the diet usually undoes the positive affects of the diet. Looking to make a real lifestyle chance? Moderate diet and exercise are the sustainable way to go.


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