The new year is coming and it’s time for those pesky resolutions. I have several good ones that I will happily check off my list, read book a week for one, but there are others that will be a little bit harder to pull off (paining the house, anyone?) But of course, there is that one resolution that just keeps coming back and biting me in the softened tooshie year after year.

Yup, once again I find myself a drooling  dog at the ring of Pavlov’s bell that signifies the beginning of the Holiday Season. Time for sweets! It says and I respond because that is the cycle that happens year after year. Then, I take a good hard look at my resolution list and see that I must add the dreaded ‘Lose Ten Pounds‘ back in its oh so comfortable position at the top of the list. But not to worry, I’ve done this a few times before and I have some tricks up my sleeve.


1. Eat Before you Workout

I know, it just makes so much more sense to eat less. Isn’t that how you lose weight? Why not start by not eating before a workout. Well, there is more to food then just the pleasure of something yummy on your tongue. The purpose of food is to give you energy, and if you choose not to eat it will make it all the harder to for to run your fastest, lift your heaviest, or swim your longest. It doesn’t have to be anything huge — in fact, a banana will do, but it does have to be something more than water, and it should preferably be some kind of good carb (i.e. whole grain bread or fresh fruit).


2. Don’t Push Too Hard

Once again, something that feels contradictory to losing weight. If you don’t really work your muscles, how will you ever get to be as strong as you want to be? Losing weight isn’t something that happens with one lap around the gym. It’s something that takes time, and if you burn yourself out in one workout, chances are you’ll have a harder time going back. You may feel okay in the midst of it, but if you’re too sore to move the next day then how to expect to get moving to the gym? Workout for a half-hour everyday and gradually increase the intensity of your exercise one week at a time.


3. Eat After you Workout

Here we go again, if you ate before the workout, why would you need to eat after? Because your body has just been strained and need nutrients to repair your muscles. This time around it should contain protein. A protein powder mixed with milk will give you some great results — but if you’re not into that Chocolate milk will do. It’s better to drink your recovery because it will hit your system faster, but if you don’t like milk, peanut butter or hummus will work just as well.

Okay, okay I can hear you all saying it. What a hypocrite! Giving us advise when you just admitted you are trying to lose weight as well. And while I’m with you on that, I have used these methods before and they have worked. If you don’t believe me  — try it with, then without. Experience will tell you all you need to know.

Until then, I wish you luck with your resolutions and hope you achieve your goals!

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