When my kids get home from school the first thing they say is “I’m hungry”. Using their brains and bodies all day can be draining and having one meal in-between isn’t enough to sustain them until dinner.

A few things are important to a kids diet when their energy is depleted. Proteins (meats, nuts, and cheeses), sugars (the good kind found in fruit and whole grain bread) and hydration (make sure you serve everything with water or milk)

Kids can be picky eaters but sometimes presenting the same food in a new way will excite them. Here are a few ideas for after-school snacks that the kids will love and that you will be satisfied with.

Ants on a log

What you need:


Peanut Butter (all natural if you can)


Put the peanut butter on stick of celery then prop up the raisins like little ants. Cute and healthy.

Turkey Pinwheels

What you need:

Turkey Sandwich meat

Low-fat Cream Cheese

Spread the Cream Cheese on the Turkey and roll in a tight cylinder. Cut pieces off horizontally. The mixture of the meat and cheese looks like little pinwheels.

Cupcake Tin Samplers

What you need:

Fun six slot Cupcake tin (you can find cool designs like stars and flowers. Just look in the specially baking section (often near the party supplies) of your store. Or go to a craft store)

Veggies, fruits, Crackers, Cheese, applesauce, or anything else you want

Fill each tin with one item and challenge your kids to see if they can empty all the tins. A fun way to get them to eat good food. Also a great lunch idea!

Picture Window Toast

What you need:



Cookie Cutters

Lightly toast the bread. Cut out a hole with your kids favorite cookie cutter. Put the bread in a sprayed frying pan and crack an egg in the cut out hole. Make sure you flip the bread and egg so both sides cook thoroughly. Serve with the cut out piece of bread with jam. Also great for breakfast!

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