We are now in full blown winter season, which brings with it many contagious sicknesses going around. The common cold, the flu, cough, stuffy nose, congestion, and sore throat are all going around during the winter and the last thing you want it is to catch one of these sicknesses.  Your kids are going to school and have a chance catching something, you are at work or school and have a chance catching something, even seeing your family more often during the holiday season could make you and your family more susceptible to getting sick. No matter where you go you feel like you are going to catch something.

Although sometimes it is inevitable that you will get sick, here are a few ways you can keep yourself healthy:

Wash your hands every chance you get.

So many germs are spread through your hands so make sure they are staying clean. If you shake someone’s hand, or touch anything, try to wash your hands after. Obviously it is sometimes not very practical to wash your hands every time you touch someone, but do it often. Also, keep some hand sanitizer with you at all times and use that when you can’t get to a bathroom and wash your hands. This will help you keep a lot of germs from spreading.


Never underestimate a good nights sleep. Believe me, i had a busy semester with school and being engaged, i hardly got any sleep. That semester i got sick 5 times. And sick as in i was in bed for two or three days. Your body cannot function well without a good nights sleep, so make sure you clock in a full eight hours if you feel like you are getting sick or if you really can’t afford to get sick.

Eat lots of vegetables.

Your body needs nutrients, and vegetables are full of them. Plus they have so many vitamins that your body needs. Vegetables will make your body healthy, which will help you fight off sickness.

Keep yourself hydrated.

Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated in order to stay healthy. Your body is 80% water and you need to drink it to keep yourself from sickness. Also, when you feel yourself getting sick, drink lots or orange juice. Orange Juice has lots of Vitamin C, which helps fight sickness.

If you know someone who’s sick, even if its family, try to stay away.

I know especially during the holiday season, you will be visiting a lot of family. Even though you want to see your family, if you know they have been sick, try to stay away. You probably need to pick and chose when you should stay away. Obviously you aren’t going to miss Christmas morning with your family members, but you might miss a Christmas Party or and Ugly Sweater Party if you know someone there has been really sick.

Keep your stress levels low.

Stress is probably one of the number one things that hurts my immune system and gets me sick. If i am stressed for a long period of time, i most always get sick. If you feel yourself getting sick, make sure you take time out of your day to relax. Go get a massage, or relax and hang out with family or friends. But most of all just make sure you are able to let things go and be stress-free for a little while every day.

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