At this time of year, who has time to cook?

Yet, there are 31 days in December, and we need to eat most days. We want all our meals to be delicious, fast to prepare, interesting and new, and good for us.  It is not too much to ask of yourself!  You really can be a healthy gourmet in a hurry, with the right recipe ideas.

Rather than just junk your family’s diet via the drive-through tonight, as you bustle through the season, why not create this yummy, easy masterpiece?

Here’s the recipe for a low-sugar, low-fat, almost perfect recipe that will delight your family and impress yourself:

Hurry Up Gourmet

Chicken & Rice  Salad


1 box wild rice mix

1 chicken (hot and ready at the grocery store, if you are in a hurry)


2 tablespoons raisins or craisins

raspberry vinigrette

1/2 cup pecans or other nuts

– mix lettuce, and raisins or craisins and dress with vinigrette

-cook rice according to directions on box and spread rice on top of lettuce

– cut up the cooked chicken and top it over the rice

– sprinkle the pecans or other nuts on top

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