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by Logan

Good Health Tip: Get a Humidifier

So often we need what we don’t have. In this case, it is a humidifier when we are sick. How often have we had a cough or trouble breathing because of a sickness that we have? The problem is that we need a humidifier and we don’t have one. We feel too sick or exhausted to go to the store and buy one. Yet, when we are feeling better, it slips our mind that we actually need one.

What is a Humidifier?

This is a small machine, or tool, or even appliance that can increases the moisture in a room. Moisture is often correlated with humidity. In some cases, an entire household can see an increase in moisture. In these cases, the house has been upgraded or had installed a household humidifier.  In these cases, a furnace or system connected to the HVAC of a house is utilized.

Types of Humidifiers

1.)     Evaporative

This is the most common type of humidifier.   It is also called a cool mist or wick humidifier. The reason for this is that there are just a few basic parts.  1.) A reservoir where the water is stored.  2.) A wick that pulls the water from the reservoir to the final spot, the fan.  3.) The fan pushes the water into the air, this causes moisture into the air.

The wick acts as a filter that spreads the water out, a larger surface area, allows the evaporation of the water to occur when the fan passes air across it.

A room with low humidity will have a higher evaporation rate.  This type of humidifier is self-regulating. More water will leave when the room has low humidity and less water is used when there is a higher humidity

2.)     Vaporizer

This is an increasingly common type of humidifier. In essences, the water is boiled in this system and the moisture changes from a liquid form into steam. Thus moisture is added to the air.

In addition, a medicated inhalant is added to the steam vapor with the goal to reduce coughs.  It is believed that vaporizers may be more healthy than traditional evaporative systems because impurities and microorganisms are not transmitted into the air.

The addition of a medicated inhalant just adds to the healthiness.

3.)     Impeller

This is a less common humidifier.  The system is somewhat similar to evaporative. Cold water is used and it is moved onto an area within the humidifier itself where a rotating disk tosses the water at a diffuser.  This diffuser then breaks the waters into very small or fine droplets that are thrown or tossed into the air.

4.)     Ultrasonic

Is more of a new technology when it comes to humidifiers. In this case, a cool water fog is formed. A transducer is used to vibrate the water.  A vacuum is formed where the water tries to escape and does so in the form of a fog. Vapor is then transmitted into the air, causing an increase in moisture.   The big issue with these humidifiers is that they need to be more strictly cleaned and washed then the others. Although, all of the humidifiers should be washed regularly.

What to watch out for?

Overuse of a humidifier is possible. Excess growth of molds and dust mites can be seen.  If tap water is used and many minerals, or hard water, is put into the air, extra problems can occur. These don’t always relate to health issues. But minerals on couches, windows, beds, and other areas can be seen with overuse.

Health Benefits

A good night sleep is always one of the most difficult things to come by when you are sick. This is often because of restlessness, cough, pain with coughing, or even difficulty breathing. A humidifier can help in each of these areas. It doesn’t mean that you should use a humidifier daily even when healthy. But when a serious flu or cold hits, a humidifier can bring a good sense of relief.

In the end, don’t wait until its too late to get a humidifier. If you have children or live in a dry arid area, you will find yourself using it more than you ever expected. A cool soothing humidifier can bring a great night of sleep.

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